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Monday, May 3, 2010


Dear Secret Agent:

Eve had no choice but to eat the fruit; the gods had no choice but to protect her.

Created to right the mistakes of Adam and protect God’s people, the Garden is no paradise for Eve or the others who were first made. After Eve’s creation and God’s death, Adam sets himself up as a god in the Garden, and his first goal is to take the two things forbidden to him: Eve as his wife, and the Fruit of Knowledge. Eve must escape Adam's control and the Garden in order to save herself and her people.

Thor and the other Norse gods did not arrive until long after Creation, but now that they’ve settled there is much to learn.  During one of Thor's journeys, he discovers Eve: beautiful, immortal, and for some inexplicable reason, living like she isn’t a goddess. With a wife waiting for him in Asgard, he never meant to fall in love.

After millenia without his memory, Adam comes looking for Eve in modern day France. Thor must step in to stop him, but doing so risks not only Eve's sanity, but the destruction of the world.

THE BOOK OF GENERATIONS is a re-imagining of mythology borrowing from the Nordic, biblical, and classical traditions.  It is best classified as a work of fantasy with elements of historical fiction. THE BOOK OF GENERATIONS is roughly 97,000 words.

I graduated from the University of North Dakota with a BA in English and Classical Studies.

Thank you for your time and consideration; I look forward to hearing from you.



Chapter One: Creation

Bone and flesh, sinew and soul, He created her.

Be Filled With My Spirit, And Breathe.

She gasped. Sound roared in her ears and the darkness of birth became blinding light. The air in her lungs was suffocating, but she could not find relief. The world pressed down upon her in all its living glory, and the void, the blessed void, was gone.


The light became shapes and colors, and a pair of hard grey eyes. She touched her face, then stopped and stared at her fingers. Her hand. Her arm.

Another hand pushed her arm away. “Can you hear me?”

She looked back at the eyes. The face. The moving lips. She heard another noise, whimpering and sorrowful, and realized she was making it.

“Don’t be afraid, Eve. You’ll understand in time.”

Arms slipped beneath her and she felt herself lifted up. What hold she had over her vision failed with the movement and Eve closed her eyes to stop the way the world spun.

“There’s a storm coming.” The other spoke while carrying her, and she tried to concentrate on the voice. There was so much noise. And underneath the sounds and the voice a steady beating that echoed inside her body. “Without God to protect us, we’ll need to shelter in the caves.”

She was set down on cold earth, and Eve opened her eyes. Cave, she thought, shaping the word in her mind around the stone and the dirt that swallowed her.