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Monday, May 10, 2010

Launch day for Oasis for YA!

Just a quick break from the contest from a word from our sponsors.  :D  

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of Oasis for YA. A collaborative blog between YA authors A.E. Rought, Jessie Harrell, Nikki Katz, S.A. Larsen, and myself. It's a place we've designed for YA writers (or all writers really) for those times when you really just need to get away from it all. To an oasis maybe. :) Every day there will be something fun and exciting up to help with the processes of writing, revising, and submitting. Daily topics will include: Monday's Sanctuary (easing the stress), Tuesday Tunes (check out our favorite tunes for the week and post your own), Writer's Wednesday (writing tips), Thankful for Thursday (let's share our good news for the week), Friday Freestyle (including interviews, reviews and/or give-aways). Stop on by and make yourself at home.