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Monday, May 3, 2010

#16 The Faithful

Dear Secret Agent,

Raine Morgan hadn’t meant to kill her.

Things just got fuzzy.

With the blood of a young woman he was trying to protect on his hands, Raine slips into the underbelly of the city, Sandhyanen. All the while a maniacal god chases after him, intent on transforming him into something else. Something no longer human.

Something like a god.

In the midst of these changes, Raine is starting to see things no mortal should ever deal with.

With his impending transformation hanging in the air, the gods are coming together for the first time in ages. And it will not be a peaceful meeting. Raine is thrust into the middle of a battleground, where he must choose a side or be destroyed in the midst of the war. With more of their kind popping up as Sandhyanen crumbles around them, no one seems safe.

Especially when gods start to die.

The Faithful is an urban fantasy complete at 86,000 words about the rise of new gods and the fall of the old ones. Raine Morgan is swept up in the tide of battle, never knowing if he will survive and become a god.

Thank you for your time and consideration. A SASE is enclosed for your reply.


* * *

The bar went silent the moment the whiskey bottle struck the floor.

Raine Morgan pushed off the table, ignoring the shattered glass left in his wake. A shout rang out to his right. Spinning on his heels, he slipped on the liquor, avoiding a hard blow to the jaw. He came to a full stop and prepared for the next blow.

Turrell rose from the floor. Hair covered his forehead in a messy tangle of light brown. A single ray of light ran along his face as he stood. Splotches of dark alcohol stained his light gray suit. Shards cascaded from the folds in the fabric when he righted himself. He clenched his bloody fists. “Keir’s lapdog,” he hacked out. A growl erupted from his throat as he shot headlong towards Raine. Each sloppy step threw him from side to side.

Raine stepped to the right. A second assailant caught him from behind. Jaiden pushed him back into his friend’s path.

Turrell drove his fists into the flesh below Raine’s ribcage. A shout of pain leapt from Raine’s throat. He clenched his teeth as heat rolled through him in waves - larger and faster with each strike.

Jerking his knee up, he drove it into Turrell’s nose. As the bone struck, the nose caved and shattered. Turrell’s hair flung back from the force and he recoiled a few steps. Raine pulled himself upright, but faltered as his a tendril of pain spiraled through his left leg.