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Monday, May 3, 2010

#22 Bernie Bolts Bergen

Dear Secret Agent,

Bernie Bolts Bergen is an adventure about a young cat exported abroad as the next superstar cat and TV star. A fight at his first outing puts paid to his promising career. Unwanted, he heads back home. His journey home is one of adventure, danger and excitement which threaten all of Bernie’s nine lives. Bernie Bolts Bergen is a middle grade, fantasy adventure, chapter book which is complete at 28,500 words.

As a lecturer, with some 20 years experience, the majority of my writing has been of an academic nature. Bernie’s story represents a welcome departure for me and develops and refines some of the stories that I have told my children and more recently my grandchildren.

The story follows Bernie through a series of encounters and incidents; that include werecats, vampire squirrels, a ‘near drowning’ in a helicopter (whirlie) crash and more, as he crosses land and sea. Through his journey he meets both friend and foe. Almost home he is involved in one more incident; this means he has to face the cat gods. Is the accident one too many? Has Bernie used all nine lives? Can he go home? Only the cat gods have the answers.

The story is an extraordinary journey that is a mix of fantasy and adventure with a heart-tugging end. Bernie starts out as a spoiled brat who wants for nothing but he has to rely on his own initiative, inner strength and he is also humbled by all those who help him on his journey. In some ways the story can be seen as a coming of age story through the eyes of cat.

The book will appeal to fans of Michael Morpurgo or Kate DiCamillo.

I would, obviously, be delighted to provide you with the finished manuscript should it be of interest to you.
Many thanks for your time and attention.

Yours sincerely


The small thirteen year old girl pushed her way through to the front of the large crowd that had gathered to see who would be crowned the Champion of Norway.

‘C’mon on Bernie’ shouted Stina.

Bernie was her cat; he was really her mum’s cat but he slept in her room and everyday at 3 o’clock he sat in the window, waiting for her to return from school. She had travelled to Scotland with her mum to bring this beautiful young cat to Norway for this very moment. As soon as he had arrived in Bergen, Stina’s home town, people had fallen in love with him and within weeks he had been chosen to appear in a series of TV adverts. He was now in the final of the Norwegian championship and only one cat, Jingles, stood between him and the trophy that Stina’s mum wanted so badly.

She was so proud of Bernie that she even wore the short lilac tartan skirt that she had bought when she was in Scotland. The crowd focused on the brightly lit stage in the middle of the hall as they waited on the final two cats. Stina jumped up and down nervously. There was only one winner in her mind and that was Bernie. She adored him and he adored her.

            ‘Jingles!Jingles!’ chanted Jingles’s owner.

            To rousing applause the two cats were carried on to the stage by two stewards dressed in white coats, just like those worn by doctors.