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Monday, May 3, 2010


AJ Thomas has a crush on her childhood best friend, Sebastian Russo. 

It's inevitable. No one can resist Sebastian's good looks, his charm, but mostly his talent. AJ knows this and has resigned herself to the bottom of the growing list of females who keep Sebastian in their dreams. The worst part is, as his best friend, it’s AJ who has an inside door to Sebastian, it's her he shares his fears with, his dreams with and it's her who will be her standing beside him at his wedding--as his best man.

But when Sebastian wins a local contest with a record deal as a prize and admits to AJ that she is in his dreams too, she feels like reality has taken a hike and together, everything they've hoped for is about to materialize in front of their astonished eyes. She finally has him; he has a record deal and a fast track to the big time.

As quickly as Sebastian's fame skyrockets, so do AJ's insecurities about having lost him to the world before she has a chance to really have him to herself.  AJ begins a downward spiral to cope.  Her best friend turned boyfriend is in the limelight, living the dream, but at what cost?

“Celebrity Status” is a contemporary young adult novel completed at approximately 79,000 words. I would be pleased to submit a detailed synopsis or full or partial manuscript for your perusal. Thank you for your time.

Yours truly,


It’s late. I’m out past curfew. As I make my way up the stairs in the eerie blackness of our house, I try to tip-toe along the hallway but every time a floorboard creaks, or a pipe makes a tiny noise, I’m sure I’m busted.  My heart rate is accelerating, palpitating even, like I’m committing a major crime.  Like I’m going earn the next spot on Americas Most Wanted. I had no idea that Marina and her boyfriend Adam were going to get into a huge fight tonight, which they did. I had no idea it would take me two hours to console her after the battle of the sexes, which it did. I left her sobbing as it is but if I didn’t get home, I’d be grounded until my eighteenth birthday and six months of imprisonment was a very long time.  A punishment I’m unwilling to subject myself to, even for a friend.

I make it to my door and gracefully push it open.  Like the stupid floorboards it creaks, causing every limb on my body to freeze.  I try not to even breathe.  Deciding my paranoia is unwarranted, I close it softly and move through the room with near perfect night vision, taking off my shirt off to toss it on the floor, relishing the very thought of crawling into bed.  I’m tired and my eyelids are heavy and watching Marina and Adam behave like they should be in a boxing ring has made me even more exhausted.