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Monday, May 3, 2010

#1 Unveiled

Dear Secret Agent,

Reagan Moss may look like a high school senior, but it’s just her cover among the humans. She’s actually the daughter of Faerie’s first Ambassador to North America. After the existence of her people is revealed to the world this summer, she’s been ordered to return to Court so she can teach about modern humans. But Reagan knows the real reason she’s supposed to go. It’s because she never developed full Fae powers, and is considered a liability to her mother and as a warrior.

Leaving behind everyone she cares about including a yummy new boyfriend is the last thing she wants to do, especially since she knows she can handle herself. Then someone tries to assassinate the Ambassador, and Reagan uncovers a plot threatening the Fae’s peaceful revelation. It’s the chance she’s been waiting for—to prove she’s an asset and deserves to stay in the place she calls home.

I am seeking representation for Unveiled, a 65,000 word YA urban fantasy novel. I would love to work with someone who sounds just like you.

Before becoming an English teacher, I wrote for [Undisclosed] Magazine and edited legal texts. Currently, I am a member of SCBWI and an active member of the YALitChat community. Thank you so much for your consideration and time.


As I left class and joined the flow of humans in the hallway, images of hot and salty, super-crispy French fries tempted me towards the cafeteria. I caved, knowing that between the English final that just toasted my brain and the impending “About Your Future” conversation with my mother, I was in serious need of comfort food. My stomach rumbled again.

Someone bumped into me, catching me off guard and almost knocking me into the bright blue lockers lining the hall. Wow, I must really be brain-dead for a human to get the drop on me.

“By the gods…,” I cut myself off when I saw who it was. “Oh. Hey, Bronte. What’s up?”

Bronte Adair fell into step beside me. “So, Reagan, what’s this I hear about you being a witch? And how come I had to hear it from Mindy?” She pretended to pout, her eyes glimmering with laughter. “As your best friend, I should know these things.”

I rolled my eyes. Me, a witch? Pfft. They were human and didn’t have much power. I was Fae. We were in tune with nature and the elements, able to heal at rates that would amaze humans, and powerful in the ways of magic that witches only dreamed about. I could totally kick a witch’s butt.