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Friday, February 11, 2011

That's YAmore Blogfest

Better late than never, right?  My mind's been a bit out of it this week, but here's my contribution to the "That's YAmore blogfest" put on by my sister blog Oasis for YA.  Please go check out the list to get your fill of the rest of the swoon worthy excerpts.

Though I am cheating a bit.  This particular scene is from my finished work THE EXILED as I don't currently have a WIP that's to the point that I have a swoon-worthy scene.  ; D.

He kissed his way up to my throat and my breath caught when instead of continuing up toward my mouth like I’d expected, he pushed my shirt up so it just barely covered my breasts and kissed down my stomach to the waistband of my jeans.
Then he moved so he kneeled over me. His legs straddled mine.  He brought his lips back to just below my ear.  My breath hitched again as my heart pounded like a jackhammer. 
I twisted my neck to provide him better access, brought my hands to his waist and drug my hands up his chest under his shirt, feeling each quiver of muscle.
Slowly, almost painfully slow, he pressed himself to me and for the first time I knew what it was to have a man’s weight on me.
It was marvelous and I wanted more.  I tugged on his shirt so I could pull it over his head. The minute he was free he pressed back down on me. His bare stomach pressed against mine. 
Butterflies thrashed themselves stupid in my stomach, and I shook with nerves, but I wanted more.  I’d never wanted anything more than I wanted him right then.  Desire was so thick between us it wouldn’t have surprised me to see it.
Then just when I thought I couldn’t handle any more stimulation from his mouth on my skin he pressed it against mine.
My eyes flew open and then fluttered closed as I tasted him.  His flavor was even sweeter than ambrosia.  His scent, mixed with that of the grass and flowers, clouded my mind.  My hands were everywhere until he finally trapped them in his and held them above my head.