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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

Well, since agent Jennifer Laughran's wonderful post last week, I've taken off all my teasers and snippets from my blog regarding my current story. 

So, instead, I've decided to post a teaser of the book I'm going to review on Wednesday.  Nothing long and nothing with spoilers. I think I'm even going to hold a contest or two for people who can guess what the teaser is from before I post the review.  Just not today.  LOL.  But I'd still love to hear your guesses and what you think about that teaser.  It's also a good excersice for writers.  Because you can tell me why it did or didn't make you want to read more.

So, without further adieu, today's teaser:

I could feel everyone looking at me, but I was used to it.  One thing my dad taught me early and often was to act like nothing moved me. When you're special, like we were, people were bound to notice.

So...can you guess what book this comes from?  And, even if you can't, would you have kept reading?  Why? Or why not?