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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Teaser Tuesday:

Just like before, here's an excerpt from one of my newest favorite books.  Since it's Valentine week, I've picked a section that is a little hot and heavy, and most def. swoon worthy.  At least, in my opinion. So I don't give away which book this is from, I've gotten rid of all names and replaced them with pronouns.  It won't detract from the scene.  Promise. ; )

The kiss started slowly, a sweet, tentative searching.  The soft touch of his mouth mesmerized me.  I parted my lips for his, letting desire draw me down. 

[His] kiss deepened; his hand ran along my back, tracing the length of my braid, sliding beneath my shirt to stroke my skin.  I felt like I was drinking sunlight.  My fingers moved from his chest to his neck and stroked the line of his jaw.  I pressed into him, wanting to know more of the mysteries he pulled so easily from my body.  More of this freedom, this wildness.

[He] grabbed my hips and in a swift motion turned us, pinning me to the floor.  His hands moved beneath my shirt, his body pressing hard against mine.  I could smell his rising desire mixing with my own, our feverish need infusing the air like lightning about to strike.  Instead of being pulled down into him, I was rising up, legs wrapping around him.  His fingers moved carefully, tracing my curves, lingering in places tht stole my breath, binding me to him and yet setting me free.  My own gasp of pleasure against his mouth brought the world hurtling back. 

The room spun as I pulled out of his embrace, stumbling toward the table.  My heart rammed against my ribs, insistent and painful. 

I can't do this, I can't.  But I wanted to.  More than anything.

So...what did you think?  :D  Also, can you guess what book this is from?  Stay tuned tomorrow for the answer. Along with a review of the book.