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Saturday, February 11, 2012

"That's YAmore" Blogfest

Can you believe that there's only a few days left until Valentine's Day 2012?  And once again I'm absolutely delighted to join my Oasis sister's in our 2nd annual That's YAmore Blogfest where we share 250 words of our most swoon worthy scene in a WIP. If you've started here, or stumbled here by mistake, and want to learn more, click here to be taken to the Oasis post that explains it better.

Unfortunately, I do not have a current WIP and the stuff I've been working on is revisions and edits for contracted work and I don't think I'm allowed to share anything from them yet. :P 

So...I'm choosing one of my absolute FAVORITE scenes from a completed work called MIRROR IMAGE.  I do hope one day that this will also become published, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy a peek at one of my unpublished works (with that in mind, please keep in mind that while it's been revised by me, it's still VERY rough).

As one, keeping our palms together we slid down, until we were sitting on the floor in front of each other.
         His eyes roamed over my body again, sending more tingles over my already supercharged body.  My heartbeat accelerated and, from what I could see from the pulse in his neck, matched his.  My breath clogged in my throat when he said, "You are so beautiful, Lily."
         "Thank you," I managed after a minute.
         He moved so only his fingertips touched the glass, sliding along the area my palm covered.  The surface was so warm already, I couldn't be sure, but I would have sworn I felt a change in the temperature. A slight one, but enough to cause a shiver to run down my arm.
 "Are you cold?" he whispered, his eyes moving from my palm to my face.
 "No."  I raised my other palm to the glass and he copied me, trailing his fingertips down the image of my hand.
 My heart skipped a beat and I had to look down for a moment, to stop the spinning in my head.   When I looked up again, he was watching me.
"The moonlight is different over there," he said.  "Softer, somehow."  He moved his fingertips to the center of the mirror, brushing the surface in a curve.  "It just barely touches your cheek."
 I covered my cheek with one hand, certain I would find some trace of him on my skin. As it was, I could just barely feel that cheek was warmer than the other. My heartbeat filled my ears in the quiet of my room.  It surprised me he couldn't hear it.
"It's not fair that it gets to touch you, but I can't." His voice was husky, making me tremble even more. "Is it strange to be jealous of it?"

And...that's all I could fit in the 250 words.  I hope you enjoyed.  Don't forget to visit the other blogs that are participating in the That's YAmore blogfest!