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Friday, September 10, 2010

Funny Friday: Why not to bother your computer technician

According to my husband, this is how most of his clients think a repair is done and should be fixed before they even know it's broken.

So, as most of you are aware my husband is a computer repair technician—Macintosh’s only.  He's also a smartass.  These two things are generally not a good combination, but they do tend to give me a laugh or two during the day  (not to mention plenty of fodder for my books).  :D  

This particular conversation I'm posting below is between my husband--Ben--and a client he's friendly with over IM.  Apparently these conversations are quite normal for the two of them.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

11:13:21 AM Client: Any good news?

11:22:15 AM Ben: 7 people dead no survivors 

11:23:20 AM Client: Was that the good news?

11:24:26 AM Ben: if it wasnt you

11:24:36 AM Client: I guess so

11:24:46 AM Client: How can I find out if it was me?

11:25:12 AM Ben: look in mirror if no reflection that is an indicator

11:25:34 AM Client: well, I have a new 27" imac aka imirror on my desk

11:25:38 AM Client: and I see this fat ugly guy

11:25:41 AM Client: so I must be ok