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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun Friday: The Nuclear Battery

An anecdote of a normal day’s work at my husband’s office.

A young college student runs into my husband’s shop.  “Please.  You’ve got to help me.  My computer won’t turn on and I have class in twenty minutes.”

So, my husband always up to the task of helping a damsel in distress, decides to go and figure out what the problem is.  He takes the computer and presses the power button.  Sure enough it doesn’t turn on. 

Then he flips it over and presses the button on the battery.  It shows no battery power.  Then he flips it back over and plugs it in to a power source.  Miraculoulsy it turns on!

The girl beside herself, says, “Oh my gosh, thank you!  What was it?”

My husband with a straight face says, “Well, see, you didn’t opt for the nuclear battery option.”

Her face lights up and she goes.  “Really?  How do I get one of those?”