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For Writers

Writing Websites (In alphabetical order):
(Updated as I come across more)

Absolute Write - a community forum that is great for bewares and background checks on publishers and agents. Also a great place to go (if you have a thick skin) to find beta readers, critique partners, and to get feedback on a few chapters, your synopsis, and query letters.

Agent Query - a great resource to find out what agents are looking for and how to submit.
Editors & Preditors - a phonebook type listing of publishers and agents. A great resource for research on potential publishers and agents. Lets you know who’s selling and who’s not and who’s recommended and who’s not.

Query Tracker - an excellent source for organizing who you’ve queried, what their response was, and how long it took. The website complies the data from other queriers so you can see who’s actively looking for clients, how long it takes for them to respond, and what their responses generally are.

Romance Divas - a message board for writers who are writing any and all kind of romances, including teen and books with romantic elements. Like absolute write it has boards for critiques and beta readers.

Verla Kay (Blue Boards) - another message board, but this one for kid lit writers only. If you write any from of kid lit, from PB to YA, it's definitely worth a look. Free membership needed.

WEbook - a writers’ website. This is the site that really helped me on the road to being published. Without all the wonderful feedback and support this site has given me, I’m sure my works would still be festering on my hard drive. (Note:  Please remember that money flows TO the author NOT away from.  Therefore, you should NEVER  pay for any kind of submission.  Therefore, I do NOT recommend using their Agent Inbox service.  All of the agents on there can be found and submitted to for free following their guidelines.)

YAlitchat - a community of writers, agents and publishers of the Young Adult genre.  It has now come to my attention they are charging for membership.  $30/year.  It will be up to you if you feel the benefits are worth it.