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Friday, September 28, 2012

Renegade GIVEAWAY!

Hi lovelies!

My awesome publisher is hosting 2 (yep, 2!) giveaways of Renegade. Between the two of them they're giving away a total of 15 copies!

The first is here at  They're giving away 10 copies and all you have to do is email them at the provided email address.  Follow the link for more details.

And the other giveaway is here at goodreads, where they're giving away 5 copies. This contest ends Oct. 19th and all you have to do is enter through goodreads. :)

So have fun entering and good luck!

Also, next week, I'll be revealing my new website and blog!  And there will be more giveaways then and, possibly, the revealing of my street team!  :)  Hope you'll join me!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Elysium Chronicles Short Story: A Dark Grave

Hello, my lovelies! I've just gotten word that my Elysium Chronicles short story, EIN DUNKLES GRAB (A Dark Grave), is out now in Germany! And best of all it's FREE!

So if you read German, want to read German, or just like free stuff go ahead and download it! And even if you don't read German, please feel free to share this post and the link! :)

A DARK GRAVE is from Gavin's POV before he enters Elysium, so if you've read RENEGADE and were wondering just how exactly Gavin got to where he did, or you're just interested in Gavin, or want a sneak peak into the Elysium Chronicles this is perfect for you.

It's currently in the #24 slot for free kindle books and #2 for childrens at Amazon Germany.

Here's the cover blurb in German:

Nach dem Tod seines Vaters zählt in Gavins Leben nur eines: Er muss seine Mutter und seinen kleinen Bruder ernähren. Doch wie soll das in einer Welt gelingen, in der die Natur feindlich und die Ressourcen knapp geworden sind? Gavin beschließt, heimlich auf jene rätselhafte Insel im Meer zu segeln, wo es Wild im Überfluss geben soll - aber auch todbringende Geheimnisse. Als er aufbricht, ahnt er nicht, dass ihn diese Reise in ein dunkles Grab führen wird ... Wie es nach »Ein dunkles Grab« weitergeht, erfährst du im Roman »Renegade. Tiefenrausch«, erschienen bei ivi. 

Where to buy:

(NOTE: I only know the Amazon location, but will post more links when I find out if it's at any other e-retailer.)


Also, for my German friends, I will be having a contest soon, just for you! I'm still working out the logistics, but the prizes are going to be sweet!  So stay tuned for that soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Renegade Launch and YOU!

Photo courtesy of Kristin Nador and WANA commons

Hi everyone! Can you believe it? Renegade's US release is in approximately 2 months! I can't believe it. I'm so excited I can hardly sit still. *wiggles*

 That being said I'm setting up my launch and signings in Florida (if you're not if Florida--I have a plan for you, too. Just kee
p reading. :]), but I've come across a little hitch. I don't know how many people want to attend a signing by poor little me. Thus, I have no idea how much SWAG to order or how many books to request the bookstores to order!

So, in all my ingeniousness (;]) I've decide to put a poll together. Now this is where I need your help. Please fill out the google form below. If you even think it's possible you'll attend a signing at a location on the poll, please check it off. You may check off more than one if you think you may attend more than one, but I'd like to keep it as close to accurate as possible.

Of course, there is no obligation to attend once you click a location. In fact, I'm not even taking names or email addresses.  In a few days, I'll set up a different form for my newsletter that you can sign up if you want to. IF you want me to send you an official invitation to the booksigning closest to you, you may fill out the comment box at the bottom of this google form (and I'll use that to send you the invitation), but there's no obligation. When I have the dates and times confirmed I'll make sure to post them on my website and here on the blog. :)

Also, all of the cities on the form are in Florida. HOWEVER, if you are in another state and want me to come to your city, please fill out the form and click of other and use the comment form at the bottom to tell me what city. If there's enough votes for your city, I'll do everything in my power to visit you!

All that being said, if you are a teacher/librarian and are interested in me speaking at your location, email me. I LOVE doing talks and presentations.